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Address: 77a Kostava Street, Tbilisi 0171, Georgia
E-mail: ug@ug.edu.ge
Tel/Fax: 24-11-44 (Please dial extension or wait for operator)

Training centre – 102
Chancellery – 140
Legal service – 104
Finance division – 105
Library – 110
Physician– 113
Book shop – 114

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Address: 19 Khimshiashvili Street,Batumi,Georgia
E-mail: j.mtsariashvili@ug.edu.ge
Tel/Fax:4-41-18, 4-41-19

Dean of schools contacts:

Dean of the school of Social Sciences

Dean of the school of Economic and Business

Dean of the school of Law

Dean of the IT and Mathematics

Natia Kaladze n.kaladze@ug.edu.ge; Ext No: 155

Konstantine Topuria k.topuria@ug.edu.ge; Ext No: 164

Sulkhan GamkrelidzeEmail: s.gamkrelidze@ug.edu.ge; Ext No: 171

Mariam Avalishvili
Ext No: 166






Dean of the school of Humanities

Dean of the school of Public Health

The School of Batumi


Tinatin Ghudushauri
Ext No: 159

Tamar Lobjanidze
Ext No: 168

Joni Mtsariashvili j.mtsariashvili@ug.edu.ge


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Receiving Bank: “Bazis Bank”
Bank Code: 220101956
Account: GE43BS0000000008736082
I/C: 205037137
Receiving Bank: “Qrtu Bank”
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