Giorgi Kanchelashvili Epidemiology of hepatitis C and B co infection in Georgia 2024 Disertation Abstract
Diana Nemsadze The Prevalence of Breast Cancer different Molecular Subtypes In Georgian women 2023 Disertation Abstract
Miranda Nonikashvili Features of Colorectal Cancer (CRC) and its Screening in Georgia 2023 Disertation Abstract
Gamezardashvili Ana Influence of Anthropometric and Behavioral Characteristics on the Degree of Liver Fibrosis in Patients with Hepatitis C 2023 Disertation Abstract
Gudavadze Salome Assessment of the role of alcohol in the development of liver fibrosis in patients treated with the hepatitis C elimination program 2023 Disertation Abstract
Shavdia Natia Organizational barriers to pain management in cancer care 2023 Disertation Abstract
Alkhazashvili Maia Assessing and managing the risks of the State Safe Blood Program 2022 Disertation Abstract
Zakalashvili Mamuka Evaluation of virological and clinical features in patients with chronic hepatitis B virus infection in Georgia 2022 Disertation Abstract
Abzianidze Tinatin Evaluation of the association between the quality of life and clinical-laboratory parameters of patients with hepatitis C 2022 Disertation Abstract
Ketevan Khishtovani Study of the risk factors of the development of atopic dermatitis associated with infectious agents 2022 Disertation Abstract
Khatuna Kekelashvili Evaluation of Specialized Outpatient Care for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes in Tbilisi (Specialty - 0904 – Public Healthcare) Autoreferat 2022 Disertation Abstract
Elene Gigineishvili Study of Oral Health, Accessibility and Quality of Dental Services of People with Disabilities in Georgia 2022 Disertation Abstract
Teona Dzagnidze Ischemic stroke incidence, its management challenges and perspectives in Georgia 2022 Disertation Abstract
Nino Lochoshvili Impact of exposure to asbestos and associated harmful environments on the health of the population 2022 Disertation Abstract
Mikheil Chkhaidze Assessment of mechanisms of death in patients with terminal cancer 2022 Disertation Abstract
Marine Zurabashvili Evaluation of the detection of thyroid gland diseases in the case of breast pathologies in the female population of Kvemo Kartli 2022 Disertation Abstract
Maka Sabashvili Study of dental caries, periodontal diseases and the need for existing dental services in pediatric patients with autism spectrum disorder in Tbilisi 2022 Disertation Abstract
Manoni Panchulidze Study of vitamin D levels of women living in the Kvemo Kartli region during menopause 2022 Disertation Abstract
Tamar Gvazava Evaluation of breast cancer incidence, patient survival and disease progression in Tbilisi in 2015-2019 based on population register data 2022 Disertation Abstract
Mariam Mgeladze Long-term outcome of patients with advanced liver fibrosis treated under the Hepatitis C Elimination Program 2022 Disertation Abstract
Mariam Kapanadze Peculiarities of the course of hepatitis C virus infection and factors influencing it in the pregnant and children population in Georgia 2022 Disertation Abstract
Nino Abesadze Evaluation of the quality of life associated with health in the postoperative period of thyroid cancer in women living in Tbilisi 2022 Disertation Abstract
Dina Kurdiani Assessment of the burden of gynecological cancer in Tbilisi based on the data of the population register 2022 Disertation Abstract
Nazi Vashakidze Assessment of oral health condition in a contingent of children with different social status 2022 Disertation Abstract
Nana Zavradashvili Mental disorder and violence - the study of clinical and social risk factors in forensic psychiatric practice 2021 Disertation Abstract
Ekaterine Isakidi The influence of gynecological interventions on the quality of life of patients 2021 Disertation Abstract
Veriko Tevzadze Assessment of possibilities of prevention of inflammatory diseases of periodontal tissue in pregnant patients of Tbilisi 2021 Disertation Abstract
Robizon Tsiklauri Prevalence of folate deficiency in Georgia and its relationship with formation of neural tube defects in the fetus 2021 Disertation Abstract
Ketevan Goginashvili Models of the health care system operating in different periods in Georgia and the assessment of universal access to health care 2021 Disertation Abstract
Tamar Qemoklidze Risk factors for developing hypersensitivity to local anesthetics 2021 Disertation Abstract
Ekaterine Kipiani Study of the effectiveness of vaccination against hepatitis B and risk factors affecting it in the children's population of Georgia 2021 Disertation Abstract
Tamta Chitaladze Evaluation of the infection control system in Georgian dental institutions 2021 Disertation Abstract
Nino Mikava Assessment of Georgia's perspectives in medical tourism 2020 Disertation Abstract
Natia Kvaratskhelia Assessment of risk factors for premature birth in Georgia 2020 Disertation Abstract
Megi Sharashenidze Spread and prevention of dental fluorosis. Children under 6 years of age living in Tbilisi and Samtskhe-Javakheti region 2020 Disertation Abstract
Nutsa Zurabiani Impact of lack of dental services on the oral health of the population of the highland regions of Georgia 2019 Disertation Abstract
Tamuna Gogoladze Effective management of high-grade intraepithelial neoplasia of the cervix within the screening program in Tbilisi 2019 Disertation Abstract
Nana Jincharadze The role of primary health care in the maternal and child health care system in Georgia 2019 Disertation Abstract
Teona Gorgadze Prospects for improving medical services in Georgia through hospital accreditation 2018 Disertation Abstract
Sophio Skliarenko Influence of demographic and social factors on overweight and obesity in Georgia 2016 Disertation Abstract
Maia Gogashvili The state of nursing and its development perspectives in Georgia 2016 Disertation Abstract
Ekaterine Shvelidze Epidemiological assessment of the role of ultrasound in screening and diagnosis of breast cancer in Tbilisi 2015 Disertation Abstract
Tina Beruchashvili Epidemiological evaluation of cervical cancer screening program management in Tbilisi 2015 Disertation Abstract

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