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16 May 2022
The Scientific and Research Institute of the University of Georgia announces the 2022 "University grant" competition of scientific research projects.

The name of the competition. 


"On the University Grant Competition of Scientific Research Projects" 


The purpose of the competition. 


The purpose of the competition is to facilitate: 


a ) the creation of a competitive research environment at the university, the development of studies of exceptional quality, internationalization of studies and approaching international standards, the integration of the research process into the university's educational process, and the growth of the scientific potential of young scientists;  


b ) the creation of new knowledge at the university, theoretical and experimental study of new ideas and concepts, events and facts, theories and models, which will contribute to social-political, economic, public, cultural, and informational-technological progress in the country in the long run;  


c ) the development of fundamental and applied research by the university and the spread (dissemination) of the results of research carried out by international standards;

d ) the creation of educational textbooks by the university's academic staff and scientists and their implementation in the educational process;  


e ) by university academic staff and scientists in local and international scientific bases ( "Elsevier" and "Web of Science" and others. to publish the results of fundamental and applied research (scientific articles, publications) and increase the university's research potential and success index;  


f ) organizing local and international conferences, symposia, congresses and forums and encouraging university cooperation through holding at national and international levels, sharing experiences between researchers of different generations and different research centers, exchanging information and sharing experience, strengthening local scientific potential;

The main conditions of the competition.

Grant can only be obtained through competition, which is held in two sectoral clusters (" grant cluster "): 


a ) exact, natural sciences, engineering, and life sciences;  


b ) Humanities, social, economic, and legal sciences.  


The total amount of competition between the clusters will be distributed in proportion to the good projects presented in each.  


The duration of the project submitted for competition should exceed 12 (twelve) months. 


The funding requested from the university for the project submitted as part of the competition should not exceed 20,000 (twenty thousand) GEL per year. In addition, the salary of the main staff provided by the project should not exceed 50% of the overall budget of the project.

The project can have a co-financing (additional financial source), which will partially cover part of the project's budget expenses.  


Only one person's participation in the grant project (individual grant project) is allowed.  


It is permissible for the same person to participate in several grant projects, and a person can only be the head of one scientific project.  


The project should have the main staff, which consists of the project head, co-director (in case of a joint project), and other persons responsible for the implementation of the main tasks of the project and relevant activities. It is possible to use support staff to implement the project.  


At least one young scientist should be included in the main staff (except for the individual grant project) during the entire period of the implementation of the project.  


The approved project should be implemented on behalf of the University of Georgia and using its base.

Project budget:

The project budget within the framework of the funding requested from the university may include the following articles/ spending categories: 


a ) grant financing of the main staff;  


b ) salary of support staff;  


c ) business trip;  


d ) goods and services;  


e ) non-financial assets;  


f ) overhead costs.  


In the case of holding an international scientific event, a part of the project's budget will be transferred to the grant recipient as an advance (1/ 4 of the grant financing of the main staff minus the amount required from the project budget and the labor compensation of the support staff). The final settlement will take place on the basis of the presentation of financial and content reports to the institute and the drawing up of an act of appropriate consideration by the institute.  


Real estate purchases, real estate leases, capital repair/ building reconstruction, car purchases, etc. are not allowed with grant funds. Sh.  


Competition Administration graphics: 


applications for grant projects are underway - from May 17, 2022 - to 18: 00, May 31, 2022;  


The project should be completed and uploaded in the Electoral form by uploading the attached Electoral application and attached documents.  


Technical expertise of projects registered in the competition, checking compliance with the conditions and requirements of the competition, determining and correcting errors - June 2022;

Evaluating projects by industry grant commissions following the terms of the competition - July 2022 - August 20 - 


Revealing the winning projects and signing the grant contract and financing - September 2022.


Address: 77a, M. Kostava str. Tbilisi, 0171, Georgia Tel: 2 55 22 22;
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All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2018 The University of Georgia

Stay connected and get the latest information
Address: 77a, M. Kostava str. Tbilisi, 0171, Georgia Tel: 2 55 22 22;
All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2018 The University of Georgia